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Development and validation of a sensitive LC–MS/MS assay for simultaneous quantitation of ranolazine and its three metabolites in human plasma

Wang, Yuan, Chen, Xiaoyan, Sun, Zuoming, Yang, Yong, Zhang, Ying, Liu, Wanhui, Zhong, Dafang
Journal of chromatography 2012 v.889-890 pp. 10-16
ammonium acetate, chromatography, humans, ionization, metabolites, methanol, monitoring, pharmacokinetics
A rapid, sensitive and reliable LC–MS/MS method was developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of ranolazine and its three metabolites, CVT-2514, CVT-2738, and CVT-4786, in human plasma. The plasma samples were prepared by protein precipitation. Chromatographic separation was achieved on a Gemini C₁₈ column (50mm×2.0mm, 5μm) using methanol: 5mM ammonium acetate as the mobile phase with gradient elution. Mass detection was carried out by electrospray ionization in both positive and negative ion multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) modes. The calibration curves were linear over a concentration range of 4–2000ng/mL for ranolazine, 4–1000ng/mL for CVT-2514 and CVT-2738 and 8–1000ng/mL for CVT-4786. The intra-day and inter-day accuracy and precision were within the acceptable limits of ±15% at all concentrations. The method was successfully applied for the simultaneous estimation of ranolazine and its three metabolites in human plasma from a clinical pharmacokinetics study.