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Molecular imprinting based composite cryogel membranes for purification of anti-hepatitis B surface antibody by fast protein liquid chromatography

Asliyuce, Sevgi, Uzun, Lokman, Yousefi Rad, Abbas, Unal, Serhat, Say, Ridvan, Denizli, Adil
Journal of chromatography 2012 v.889-890 pp. 95-102
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, adsorption, antibodies, hepatitis B, humans, immunoglobulin E, ionic strength, liquid chromatography, molecular imprinting, pH, phosphates, polymerization, scanning electron microscopy, sodium chloride, temperature
In the present study, we have focused our attention to prepare molecular imprinted composite cryogel membranes for purification of hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs) by fast protein liquid chromatography. Before the preparation of the molecular imprinted composite cryogel membranes (MI-CMs) by free radical polymerization at sub-zero temperature, we have synthesized and characterized the anti-HBs imprinted particles. Then, the cryogel membranes (CMs) were characterized by swelling test, scanning electron microscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Prior to chromatographic purification studies, the effective parameters on the anti-HBs adsorption process were evaluated by investigating the dependency of the adsorption capacity on flow-rate, anti-HBs concentration, contact time and ionic strength. The maximum anti-HBs adsorption capacity was calculated as 701.4mIU/g CM. The selectivity of the MI-CMs was shown by competitive adsorption of anti-HBs, total anti-hepatitis A antibody (anti-HAV) and total immunoglobulin E (IgE) adsorption studies. The MI-CMs have relative selectivity coefficients as 5.45 for anti-HBs/total anti-HAV and 9.05 for anti-HBs/total IgE, respectively. The phosphate buffer solution (pH 7.4) containing 1.0M NaCl was used for elution, almost completely, of adsorbed anti-HBs molecules. The MI-CMs could be used many times without any significant decrease in the adsorption capacity. The chromatographic purification performances of the MI-CMs were also investigated. The chromatographic parameters such as capacity and separation factors, the theoretical plate number and resolution of the MI-CMs were calculated as 5.48, 6.02, 1153.9, and 1.72 for anti-HBs molecules, respectively. As a conclusion, we can say that the MI-CMs could be used for specific purification of anti-HBs from anti-HBs positive human plasma.