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Integrating energy efficiency performance in production management – gap analysis between industrial needs and scientific literature

Bunse, Katharina, Vodicka, Matthias, Schönsleben, Paul, Brülhart, Marc, Ernst, Frank O.
Journal of cleaner production 2011 v.19 no.6-7 pp. 667-679
business enterprises, consumers (people), cooperative research, energy efficiency, global warming, interviews, manufacturing, prices, research projects
For governments and for manufacturing companies, global warming, rising energy prices, and customers’ increasing ecological awareness have pushed energy efficient manufacturing to the top of the agenda. Governments and companies are both striving to identify the most effective measures to increase energy efficiency in manufacturing processes. Based on results of a recent EU-funded roadmapping project, this paper highlights the needs of industrial companies for integrating energy efficiency performance in production management. First, it analyses concepts and tools for measurement, control and improvement of energy efficiency in production management proposed in literature. Second, the paper outlines that ICT tools and standardization are important enablers for energy efficient manufacturing. Third, industrial needs in these areas are presented based on expert interviews. The industrial needs thus identified are contrasted with concepts proposed in literature to point out the implementation gaps between practice and theory. The paper demonstrates that there exists a gap between the solutions available and the actual implementation in industrial companies. It concludes by deriving requirements for energy management in production that future collaborative research projects should address.