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Larval strigeoid trematodes in anurans from southern Nigeria

Edo-Taiwo, O., Ovwah, E., Imasuen, A., Aisien, M.
Helminthologia 2014 v.51 no.4 pp. 318-322
Alaria, Elaeis guineensis, Hylidae, frogs, larvae, lungs, national parks, public health, rain forests, savannas, trypsin, Nigeria
Anurans from locations in the rainforest, derived savannah and a monoculture plantation in Nigeria were examined for infection with strigeoid trematode larvae. Two types of metacercarial cysts were recovered. The cyst type I (rounded with fringe projections) occurred in tree frogs from the Okomu National Park, at Usen (derived savannah) and the Okomu Oil Palm Plantation (OOPP). The cyst type II was recovered from A. dorsalis and Ptychadena bibroni collected at OOPP. The cysts were ovoid in shape, devoid of projections at the fringes and were not subject to trypsin action. An unencysted metacercaria was found in A. dorsalis collected at Usen while mesocercaria of Alaria occurred in the lungs of Pty. pumilio at OOPP. The finding of Alaria mesocercaria in Pty. pumilio is of public health importance in view of the fact that many ranid frogs are consumed in Nigeria and other West African countries.