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The bionomics and diversity of freshwater snails species in Yewa North, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria

Salawu, O., Odaibo, A.
Helminthologia 2014 v.51 no.4 pp. 337-344
Bulinus globosus, biological control, dissolved oxygen, drug therapy, ecology, local government, physicochemical properties, schistosomiasis, snails, surface water, Nigeria
Snail control as a form of integrated control for schistosomiasis has been strongly advocated but data on biocontrol using competitor snails are relatively lacking in most endemic areas. Monthly sampling of freshwater snails was conducted in four water bodies in Yewa North Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. Monthly in situ measurements of the physico-chemical characteristics of surface waters were carried out using field meters. A total number of 13 snail species were recovered from the water bodies. Of these, Bulinus camerunensis was reported for the first time in Nigeria. A significant positive relationship occurred between snail density and dissolved oxygen. Other important relationships were those between Lanistes lybicus and Bulinus senegalensis, Bulinus globosus and Bulinus jousseaumei, and B. senegalensis and Segmentorbis augustus. Snail control using competitor snails should be integrated into schistosomiasis management programmes in endemic areas in order to prevent residual schistosomiasis transmission after control intervention through mass drug treatment.