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Photocatalytic NOₓ abatement: The role of the material supporting the TiO₂ active layer

Bianchi, Claudia L., Pirola, Carlo, Selli, Elena, Biella, Serena
Journal of hazardous materials 2012 v.211-212 pp. 203-207
coatings, glass, paints, photocatalyst, polytetrafluoroethylene, powders, stainless steel, titanium dioxide
The importance of the choice of a suitable substrate as supporting material for photoactive TiO₂, either in the form of powders or thin films or in photoactive paints, is frequently disregarded. In this paper four different supports (stainless steel, sand-blasted stainless steel, Teflon and glass) are object of investigation. The final aim is to verify the presence of interactions between the photocatalyst (AEROXIDE® TiO₂ P25 by Evonik Degussa Corporation) and the support, directly involved in the photocatalytic activity in the NOₓ abatement. The characterization results have been correlated with the photoactivity of the different samples. In particular, a coating of about 6–9μm seems to allow a photocatalytic result free from any positive or negative interference with the supporting material, therefore giving reliable results about the photoactivity of the TiO₂ under investigation.