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Lattice characteristics, structure stability and oxygen permeability of BaFe₁₋ₓYₓO₃₋δ ceramic membranes

Liu, Xiaotong, Zhao, Hailei, Yang, Jianying, Li, Yuan, Chen, Ting, Lu, Xionggang, Ding, Weizhong, Li, Fushen
Journal of membrane science 2011 v.383 no.1-2 pp. 235-240
artificial membranes, ceramics, cobalt, crystal structure, electrical conductivity, energy, ions, iron, oxidation, oxygen, permeability, yttrium
BaFe₁₋ₓYₓO₃₋δ (x=0–0.2) materials were synthesized by conventional solid-state reaction process for oxygen separation application. The effects of Y-doping on the crystal structure development, electrical conductivity and oxygen permeability were evaluated. Yttrium introduction effectively stabilize the cubic structure of BaFe₁₋ₓYₓO₃₋δ. With Y-doping, the oxidation state of Fe ions reduces, resulting in the increase in oxygen vacancy concentration as charge compensation and the decreases in electrical conductivity. Y-doping enhances the structural stability of BaFe₁₋ₓYₓO₃₋δ in reducing atmosphere but decreases the oxygen permeability. Both of them are attributed to the strong binding energy of Y–O bond. The cobalt free membrane BaFe₀.₉₅Y₀.₀₅O₃₋δ shows good structural stability under reducing atmosphere and acceptable oxygen permeation flux of 0.798ml (STP) min⁻¹cm⁻² at 900°C for 1.1mm thick membrane, making it a promising candidate for future practical applications.