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Relationship of test-day somatic cell score with test-day and lactation milk yields

Miller, R.H., Norman, H.D., Wiggans, G.R., Wright, J.R.
Journal of dairy science 2004 v.87 no.7 pp. 2299
dairy cows, somatic cell count, milk yield, Holstein, parity (reproduction), lactation stage, bovine mastitis, disease control, disease resistance, United States
To determine the relationship of test-day (TD) somatic cell score (SCS) to TD and lactation milk yields, 1,320,590 records from Holstein first and second calvings from 1995 through 2002 were examined. All lactations had recorded yield and SCS for at least the first 4 TD. Least square analyses were conducted for yields on TD 2 through 10 within herd and cow. The model included regressions on current TD SCS and mean SCS of all previous TD with separate estimates by parity; effects for parity and calving year were included as well as regression on days in milk on TD 1. Corresponding analyses were conducted without regression on current SCS. An analysis of lactation yield was performed with a similar model and regression on all TD SCS. The SCS was highest most often on TD 1 for parity 1 (22.5%) and on TD 10 for parity 2 (18.5%). Regression of TD milk yield on mean of previous TD SCS was highest during the latter half of lactation (maximum of -0.346 kg/SCS unit on TD 9) for parity 1 and during TD through 7 (maximum of -0.366 kg/SCS unit on TD 4) for parity 2. Regression of TD yield on current TD SCS tended to be larger for later lactation. Regression of lactation yield on TD SCS was negative and important for TD 1 through 6 for parity 1 and for all TD for parity 2. To minimize milk loss, mastitis control is most important immediately pre- and postcalving for parity 1 and throughout lactation for parity 2.