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Biofuels as a sustainable energy source: An update of the applications of proteomics in bioenergy crops and algae

Ndimba, Bongani Kaiser, Ndimba, Roya Janeen, Johnson, T. Sudhakar, Waditee-Sirisattha, Rungaroon, Baba, Masato, Sirisattha, Sophon, Shiraiwa, Yoshihiro, Agrawal, Ganesh Kumar, Rakwal, Randeep
Journal of proteomics 2013 v.93 pp. 234-244
Algae, biofuels, biomass, energy, energy conservation, energy crops, humans, microalgae, politics, proteomics
Sustainable energy is the need of the 21st century, not because of the numerous environmental and political reasons but because it is necessary to human civilization's energy future. Sustainable energy is loosely grouped into renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainable transport disciplines. In this review, we deal with the renewable energy aspect focusing on the biomass from bioenergy crops to microalgae to produce biofuels to the utilization of high-throughput omics technologies, in particular proteomics in advancing our understanding and increasing biofuel production. We look at biofuel production by plant- and algal-based sources, and the role proteomics has played therein. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Translational Plant Proteomics.