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A quantitative sampler for collecting invertebrates associated with deep submerged vegetation

Kornijów, Ryszard
Aquatic ecology 2014 v.48 no.4 pp. 417-422
Potamogeton perfoliatus, fauna, invertebrates, samplers, submerged aquatic plants, vegetation
Only few of the numerous samplers for collecting invertebrate fauna associated with vegetation permit sampling at depths of more than approximately 0.5 m. This paper describes a sampler allowing collection of epifauna from submerged plants at a depth of up to approximately 2 m, growing in varied densities. The sampler is composed of two panels made of duralumin, connected on one side by means of piano-hinges. One of the panels has an opening covered with mesh, and the other is equipped with a cone-shaped net and detachable sample concentrator at its end. The sampler is coupled with a manipulator with a several meter extension for lowering the sampler under water, as well as for its opening, and closing. The initial assessment of the sampler efficiency, verified in beds of Potamogeton perfoliatus, provided similar results as two other, older and commonly used samplers. In comparison with the older devices, the sampler has the advantage of permitting collecting samples from greater depths. It also enables studying both the vertical and horizontal distribution of invertebrates within a plant patch.