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Peak alignment using wavelet pattern matching and differential evolution

Zhang, Zhi-Min, Chen, Shan, Liang, Yi-Zeng
Talanta 2011 v.83 no.4 pp. 1108-1117
Paeonia, chemometrics, computer software, correlation, fungi, high performance liquid chromatography, least squares, wavelet
Retention time shifts badly impair qualitative or quantitative results of chemometric analyses when entire chromatographic data are used. Hence, chromatograms should be aligned to perform further analysis. Being inspired and motivated by this purpose, a practical and handy peak alignment method (alignDE) is proposed, implemented in this research for one-way chromatograms, which basically consists of five steps: (1) chromatogram lengths equalization using linear interpolation; (2) accurate peak pattern matching by continuous wavelet transform (CWT) with the Mexican Hat and Haar wavelets as its mother wavelets; (3) flexible baseline fitting utilizing penalized least squares; (4) peak clustering when gap of two peaks is smaller than a certain threshold; (5) peak alignment using differential evolution (DE) to maximize linear correlation coefficient between reference signal and signal to be aligned. This method is demonstrated with both simulated chromatograms and real chromatograms, for example, chromatograms of fungal extracts and Red Peony Root obtained by HPLC-DAD. It is implemented in R language and available as open source software to a broad range of chromatograph users (