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Kinetic study of goethite dehydration and the effect of aluminium substitution on the dehydrate

Liu, Haibo, Chen, Tianhu, Xie, Qiaoqin, Zou, Xuehua, Qing, Chengsong, Frost, Ray L.
Thermochimica acta 2012 v.545 pp. 20-25
X-ray diffraction, aluminum, desorption, goethite, heat, iron, temperature
Goethite and Al-substituted goethite were synthesized and were characterized using XRD and XRF. The kinetic study of goethite dehydrate was investigated by TG and DTG at different heating rates (2, 5, 10, 15, 20°C/min) and the effect of Al substitution for Fe on dehydrate was studied. The results showed that two types of absorbed water with the same Ed values of 3.4, 6.2kJ/mol were confirmed on goethite and Al-substituted goethite. Three types of hydroxyl units were proved, one being on the surface and the other two being in the structure of goethite. The substitution of Al for Fe in the structure of goethite decreases the desorption rate of hydroxyl, increases the dehydroxylation temperature, broadens the desorption peaks in DTG curves, and improves the Ed values from 19.4, 20.4, 26.1kJ/mol to 21.6, 30, 33.6kJ/mol when Al substitution comes to 9.1%.