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HIV vaccine trial willingness among injection and non-injection drug users in two urban centres, Barcelona and San Francisco

Etcheverry, M. Florencia, Lum, Paula J., Evans, Jennifer L., Sanchez, Emilia, de Lazzari, Elisa, Mendez-Arancibia, Eva, Sierra, Ernesto, Gatell, José M., Page, Kimberly, Joseph, Joan
Vaccine 2011 v.29 no.10 pp. 1991-1996
risk, risk behavior, screening, seroprevalence, vaccines, volunteers, Spain, United States
Being able to recruit high-risk volunteers who are also willing to consider future participation in vaccine trials are critical features of vaccine preparedness studies. We described data from two cohorts of injection- and non-injection drug users in Barcelona, Spain [Red Cross centre] and in San Francisco, USA, [UFO-VAX study] at high risk of HIV/HCV infection to assess behaviour risk exposure and willingness to participate in future preventive HIV vaccine trials. We successfully identified drug-using populations that would be eligible for future HIV vaccine efficacy trials, based on reported levels of risk during screening and high levels of willingness to participate. In both groups, Red Cross and UFO-VAX respectively, HCV infection was highly prevalent at baseline (41% and 34%), HIV baseline seroprevalence was 4.2% and 1.5%, and high levels of willingness were seen (83% and 78%).