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Cell mediated immune response after challenge in Omp25 liposome immunized mice contributes to protection against virulent Brucella abortus 544

Goel, Divya, Rajendran, Vinoth, Ghosh, Prahlad C., Bhatnagar, Rakesh
Vaccine 2013 v.31 no.8 pp. 1231-1237
Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus, Brucella melitensis biovar Ovis, CD8-positive T-lymphocytes, bacteria, brucellosis, cell-mediated immunity, cytotoxicity, encapsulation, immune response, interferon-gamma, mice, secondary immunization, vaccines, virulence, wildlife
Brucellosis is a disease affecting various domestic and wild life species, and is caused by a bacterium Brucella. Keeping in view the serious economic and medical consequences of brucellosis, efforts have been made to prevent the infection through the use of vaccines. Cell-mediated immune responses [CMI] involving interferon gamma and cytotoxic CD4+ and CD8+ T cells are required for removal of intracellular Brucella. Omp25 has been reported to be involved in virulence of Brucella melitensis, Brucella abortus and Brucella ovis. In our previous study, we have shown the protective efficacy of recombinant Omp25, when administered intradermally. In this study, the recombinant Omp25 was formulated in PC–PE liposomes and PLGA microparticles, to enhance the protective immunity generated by it. Significant protection was seen with prime and booster liposome immunization in Balb/c mice against virulent B. abortus 544 as it was comparable to B. abortus S-19 vaccine strain. However, microparticle prime and booster immunization failed to give better protection when compared to B. abortus S-19 vaccine strain. This difference can be attributed to the stimulation of cell mediated immune response in PC–PE liposome immunized mice even after challenge which converted to cytotoxicity seen in CD4+ and CD8+ enriched lymphocytes. However, in PLGA microparticle immunized mice, cell mediated immunity was not generated after challenge as observed by decreased cytotoxicity of CD4+ and CD8+ enriched lymphocytes. Our study emphasizes on the importance of liposome encapsulating Omp25 immunization in conferring protection against B. abortus 544 challenge in Balb/c mice with a single dose immunization regimen.