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Comparison of distribution systems for biogas plant residual

Berruto, Remigio, Busato, Patrizia, Bochtis, Dionysis D., Sørensen, Claus G.
Biomass and bioenergy 2013 v.52 pp. 139-150
animal wastes, application rate, biogas, biomass, cost estimates, organic fertilizers, plant residues, simulation models, viability
The logistics and the handling of animal waste or other biomasses to and from a biogas plant are a vital part of the overall operational, economic, and energetic viability of the biogas production process. Therefore, there is a need for comprehensive modelling approaches considering different operational constraints. The objectives of this paper were to design the logistics and estimate the cost of different transport scenarios for the application of organic fertiliser on fields originated from a biogas plant. Two distribution systems, the tanker system and the umbilical system, were analysed using two discrete event simulation models and involving parameter fitting values based on experimental data. Results showed that for all combinations of input parameters the umbilical system appears to be less laborious that the tanker system, while, regarding the distribution cost the tanker system appears to be more economical for most combination of input parameters except for large application rates as compared to the umbilical system.