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Aflatoxins contamination in peanut and peanut products commercially available in retail markets of Punjab, Pakistan

Iqbal, Shahzad Zafar, Asi, Muhammad Rafique, Zuber, Mohammad, Akram, Noreen, Batool, Nitasha
Food control 2013 v.32 no.1 pp. 83-86
aflatoxins, cities, cookies, high performance liquid chromatography, markets, peanut butter, peanuts, people, retail marketing, Pakistan
A total 198 peanut and peanut products, commercially available in major cities of Punjab Pakistan were analyzed for aflatoxins (AFs) using HPLC equipped with florescence detector. The data revealed that 59% raw peanut with shell, 55% raw peanut without shell, 61% roasted peanut with shell, 68% roasted peanut without shell, 50% peanut butter, 42% peanut cookies and 20% peanut nimko were found contaminated with AFs. The mean concentration in raw peanut shell was (6.4 μg/kg), raw peanut without shell (9.6 μg/kg), roasted peanut with and without shell (10.4 and 12.3 μg/kg), peanut butter (2.4 μg/kg), peanut cookies (4.6 μg/kg) and peanut nimko (3.4 μg/kg). The present study was a first report on the occurrence of AFs contamination in peanut and peanut products from the markets of Punjab, Pakistan. The level of AFs in peanut and peanut products is high and poses a significant threat for the health of people.