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Shrinkage anisotropy characteristics from soil structure and initial sample/layer size

Chertkov, V.Y.
Geoderma 2013 v.200-201 pp. 1-8
cracking, drying, prediction, shrinkage, soil structure, soil texture
The objective of this work is a physical prediction of such soil shrinkage anisotropy characteristics as variation with drying of (i) different sample/layer sizes and (ii) the shrinkage geometry factor. With that, a new presentation of the shrinkage anisotropy concept is suggested through the sample/layer size ratios. The work objective is reached in two steps. First, the relations are derived between the indicated soil shrinkage anisotropy characteristics and three different shrinkage curves of a soil relating to: small samples (without cracking at shrinkage), sufficiently large samples (with internal cracking), and layers of similar thickness. Then, the results of a recent work with respect to the physical prediction of the three shrinkage curves are used. These results connect the shrinkage curves with the initial sample size/layer thickness as well as characteristics of soil texture and structure (both inter- and intra-aggregate) as physical parameters. The parameters determining the reference shrinkage curve (relating to the small samples) and initial sample size/layer thickness are needed for the prediction of the above soil shrinkage anisotropy characteristics. Using the available data on two soils and samples of two essentially different sizes, illustrative estimates of the relative sample sizes, new characteristic of the shrinkage anisotropy, and shrinkage geometry factor are given as the physically predicted values.