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Synchronized transcriptional gene expression of H+‐ATP synthase subunits in different tissues of Fischer 344 rats of different ages

Himeda, Toshiki, Morokami, Kayoko, Arakaki, Naokatu, Shibata, Hirofumi, Higuti, Tomihiko
European journal of biochemistry 2000 v.267 no.23 pp. 6938-6942
brain, gene expression, heart, kidneys, liver, polypeptides, rats, stoichiometry, tissues, transcription (genetics)
Little is known about the relationship between the stoichiometry of polypeptides of multisubunit enzyme complexes and the absolute amount of each transcript of the complexes in mammalian tissues. Here we showed that the absolute amounts of the transcripts of most subunits of rat H+‐ATP synthase examined greatly differed in the different tissues, showing the following hierarchy of tissue‐specificity: heart > kidney > brain ≈ liver. However, surprisingly, there was no difference in the expression pattern of these in terms of the molar ratio of each transcript, indicating a nearly similar stoichiometric expression pattern irrespective of tissue or age of the rat. Therefore, the present finding clearly indicates that most of the transcripts of the 16 subunits of rat H+‐ATP synthase were concertedly and synchronously expressed, having a constant expression pattern of the transcripts, irrespective of tissue or age of the rats. This is the first report of the absolute amounts of the transcripts of this multisubunit enzyme.