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Taylor dispersion analysis with two detection points on a commercial capillary electrophoresis apparatus

Chamieh, Joseph, Oukacine, Farid, Cottet, Hervé
Journal of chromatography 2012 v.1235 pp. 174-177
capillary electrophoresis, chromatography, detectors, hydrodynamics, proteins
This work describes a simple technical modification for doing Taylor dispersion analysis with two UV detection points on a commercial capillary electrophoresis apparatus. So far, double UV detection was only possible using specific detectors that are external to the capillary electrophoresis apparatus. In this work, the detection interface of the capillary electrophoresis apparatus was easily modified to allow the introduction and the superposition of two capillary windows in the same interface (at the same detection point). This modification made possible the double detection of the sample zone in Taylor dispersion analysis using a loop. The peak dispersion using the modified interface was similar to that obtained on a non-modified UV interface. Diffusion coefficients (and the corresponding hydrodynamic radii) of small molecule and proteins were determined in good agreement with values of the literature and with RSD lower than 5%.