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Evaluation of a generic multi-analyte method for detection of >100 representative compounds correlated to emergency events in 19 food types by ultrahigh-pressure liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry

Herrmann, Anders, Rosén, Johan, Jansson, Daniel, Hellenäs, Karl-Erik
Journal of chromatography 2012 v.1235 pp. 115-124
food contamination, foods, liquid chromatography, multiresidue analysis, physicochemical properties, tandem mass spectrometry, toxic substances
A generic extraction procedure combined with triple quadrupole mass spectrometric detection was evaluated for multi-residue analysis in 19 different foods. Measurable peaks could be obtained at relevant concentrations for 108 out of a total of 127 targeted compounds representing a wide range of physicochemical properties and compound classes related to emergency situations. Recoveries were determined for all 19 foods spiked with the 108 compounds. Seventy-five percent of the compounds had extraction recoveries of 70% or higher, with no compound below 46%. Suppression or enhancement effects on the MS response of the compounds dissolved in the extracts were low, as more than 80% of them had matrix effects between −35% and +20% and no compound was below −44% compared to matrix-free standard. In a validation, all compounds could be quantified at 200μg/kg and 400μg/kg food sample and 81% of the compounds at 40μg/kg. It is concluded that the method is useful for the detection of various types of organic chemical toxicants at levels generally well below concentration thresholds for severe acute intoxication.