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Interplay between ABA and phospholipases A2 and D in the response of citrus fruit to postharvest dehydration

Romero, Paco, Gandía, Mónica, Alférez, Fernando
Plant physiology and biochemistry 2013 v.70 pp. 287-294
Citrus, abscisic acid, citrus fruits, citrus peels, gene expression, metabolism, mutants, phospholipases, phospholipids, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, storage time, stress response, water stress
The interplay between abscisic acid (ABA) and phospholipases A2 and D (PLA2 and PLD) in the response of citrus fruit to water stress was investigated during postharvest by using an ABA-deficient mutant from ‘Navelate’ orange named ‘Pinalate’. Fruit from both varieties harvested at two different maturation stages (mature-green and full-mature) were subjected to prolonged water loss inducing stem-end rind breakdown (SERB) in full-mature fruit. Treatment with PLA2 inhibitor aristolochic acid (AT) and PLD inhibitor lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) reduced the disorder in both varieties, suggesting that phospholipid metabolism is involved in citrus peel quality. Expression of CsPLDα and CsPLDβ, and CssPLA2α and CssPLA2β was studied by real-time RT-PCR during water stress and in response to ABA. CsPLDα expression increased in mature-green fruit from ‘Navelate’ but not in ‘Pinalate’ and ABA did not counteract this effect. ABA enhanced repression of CsPLDα in full-mature fruit. CsPLDβ gene expression decreased in mature-green ‘Pinalate’, remained unchanged in ‘Navelate’ and was induced in full-mature fruit from both varieties. CssPLA2α expression increased in mature-green fruit from both varieties whereas in full-mature fruit only increased in ‘Navelate’. CssPLA2β expression increased in mature-green flavedo from both varieties, but in full-mature fruit remained steady in ‘Navelate’ and barely increased in ‘Pinalate’ fruit. ABA reduced expression in both after prolonged storage. Responsiveness to ABA increased with maturation. Our results show interplay between PLA2 and PLD and suggest that ABA action is upstream phospholipase activation. Response to ABA during water stress in citrus is regulated during fruit maturation and involves membrane phospholipid degradation.