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An investigation of the consumer perception on the quality of the gluten and wheat free breads available on the UK market

Potter, Ruth, Stojceska, Valentina, Plunkett, Andrew
Journal of food measurement & characterization 2014 v.8 no.4 pp. 362-372
adverse effects, breads, consumer attitudes, consumer demand, consumers (people), gluten-free foods, healthy diet, industry, lifestyle, markets, product development, product improvement, purchasing, taste, wheat, wheat gluten, United Kingdom
There is a growing demand for bread and other baked products that are gluten and wheat free due to the increased diagnosis and self-diagnosis of adverse reactions to wheat and gluten and an increase in the number of people who perceive a gluten or wheat free diet as a healthy lifestyle option. The removal of wheat from bread presents a number of technological challenges resulting in quality issues and nutrition. The increased consumer demand and growing industry response to these demands has meant that consumers will no longer accept compromise on taste or quality when purchasing gluten and wheat free bread. There is little information available that demonstrates customers’ expectations in terms of quality of gluten and wheat free breads. The aim of this research was to establish whether gluten and wheat free breads currently on the market are meeting consumer expectations and if not the key areas for product improvement and new product development. The research indicates that there are still significant improvements needed to produce gluten and wheat free bread that meets consumer expectations.