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Dynamic X-ray radiography for the determination of foamed bitumen bubble area distribution

Hailesilassie, Biruk W., Schuetz, Philipp, Jerjen, Iwan, Hugener, Martin, Partl, Manfred N.
Journal of materials science 2015 v.50 no.1 pp. 79-92
X-radiation, bitumen, bubbles, coatings, foaming, foams, radiography, temperature, water content
Foam bitumen is highly efficient in wetting and coating the surface of mineral aggregate at lower temperature. In order to improve understanding and characterization of the bitumen foam, X-ray radiography was used to study the formation and decay of bitumen foam in 2D representation. Image segmentation analysis was used to determine the foam bubble size distribution. In addition, the main parameters influencing foam bitumen formation, water content, and temperature were also investigated. The results demonstrate the influence of the water content on morphology and expansion of foam bitumen bubbles. Adding more water in the foaming process leads to quick collapse of bubbles and intensifies coalescence of foam bitumen. Higher temperatures produces larger bubbles at early foaming stage compared to lower temperature. Moreover the morphology of bubble formation depends on the types of bitumen used. An exponential function has been implemented to represent the bubble area distribution.