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OsNRAMP5 contributes to manganese translocation and distribution in rice shoots

Yang, Meng, Zhang, Yuanyuan, Zhang, Lejing, Hu, Jintao, Zhang, Xing, Lu, Kai, Dong, Huaxia, Wang, Dujun, Zhao, Fang-Jie, Huang, Chao-Feng, Lian, Xingming
Journal of experimental botany 2014 v.65 no.17 pp. 4849-4861
manganese, rice, shoots
Manganese (Mn) is an essential micronutrient for plants playing an important role in many physiological functions. OsNRAMP5 is a major transporter responsible for Mn and cadmium uptake in rice, but whether it is involved in the root-to-shoot translocation and distribution of these metals is unknown. In this work, OsNRAMP5 was found to be highly expressed in hulls. It was also expressed in leaves but the expression level decreased with leaf age. High-magnification observations revealed that OsNRAMP5 was enriched in the vascular bundles of roots and shoots especially in the parenchyma cells surrounding the xylem. The osnramp5 mutant accumulated significantly less Mn in shoots than the wild-type plants even at high levels of Mn supply. Furthermore, a high supply of Mn could compensate for the loss in the root uptake ability in the mutant, but not in the root-to-shoot translocation of Mn, suggesting that the absence of OsNRAMP5 reduces the transport of Mn from roots to shoots. The results suggest that OsNRAMP5 plays an important role in the translocation and distribution of Mn in rice plants in addition to its role in Mn uptake.