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Calcium influence on hazelnut quality and yields in Oregon

Cacka, J., Sanguankeo, P.
Acta horticulturae 2014 no.1052 pp. 187-193
amino acids, boron, calcium, calcium nitrate, discoloration, foliar application, hazelnuts, orchards, seeds, soil, spring, Oregon
The purpose of this study was to examine the use of soil applied calcium nitrate and comparing its use to spring application of foliar calcium treatments. Spring soil applications of Tropicote(TM) (15.5-0-0-19Ca) calcium nitrate or mid to late spring foliar applications of First Choice® Nut Chaser(TM) a proprietary blend of calcium, boron and other micronutrients coupled with nutrient enhancing amino acids, which have resulted in typical ‘in-shell’ marketable yield increases of 8-56% in replicated trials and large block commercial trials in Oregon. Improvement in nut quality has been recorded with marketable kernel yields increasing by 49% with 37-41% reductions in kernel mold, 44% reduction in the level of kernel internal brown cavity discoloration. The timing of calcium applications is critical to obtain optimum yield response. The greatest marketable yield response was found in seasons following a high yielding season in mature orchards and in immature nut bearing orchards.