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Phytic acid in green leaves of herbaceous plants—temporal variation in situ and response to different nitrogen/phosphorus fertilizing regimes

Alkarawi, Hassan Hadi, Zotz, Gerhard
AoB Plants 2014 v.6 no.0 pp. plu048
fruits, herbaceous plants, leaves, nitrogen, phosphorus, phytic acid, plant growth, plant organs
Phytic acid is the well-known principal storage compound of phosphorus (P) in fruits. Its metabolic role in other plant organs, e.g. green leaves is much less clear. Studying phytic acid in leaves of several herbaceous plant species, we obtained an expected (generally low foliar phytic acid concentrations) and an unexpected result: the proportion of P in phytic acid decreased when total P increased. We explored possible mechanisms behind this observation such as a link with plant growth rates, but did not find a convincing explanation for our surprising finding. Future studies should analyze all foliar P-species to resolve this puzzle.