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The age structure and sex ratio in wild boar (Sus scrofa) populations as determined by observations of free-roaming populations and by harvests of collective hunts in southern Poland

Merta, Dorota, Bobek, Bogusław, Albrycht, Marzena, Furtek, Jakub
European journal of wildlife research 2015 v.61 no.1 pp. 167-170
Sus scrofa, age structure, forests, sex ratio, wild boars, Poland
Wild boars shot during collective hunts, where there are no limitations pertaining to sex and age of the harvested animals, may properly represent the sex and age structure of the population. Thus, the objective of the presented study was to compare sex and age structures evaluated via the results of collective hunts, with those based on direct observations between December 2009 and January 2010, in the large complex of the Bory Dolnośląskie forest (BD) and in the farmland-forest mosaic of the Lasy Śląskie forest (LS). There were no significant differences between the sex and age structures of the population determined via observations and those based on harvests collected in both the BD forest and the LS forest. It was shown that the age and sex structure in the wild boar population assessed purely on the basis of observation was significantly different between the BD forest and the LS forest. The calculated differences in the age and sex structures for the wild boar harvested in the study areas were also significant. It is suggested that the age and sex structure of wild boars harvested in collective hunts should be certified by using data from direct observations of free-rooming wild boar populations.