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China’s provincial CO2 emissions embodied in trade with implications for regional climate policy

Zhong, Zhangqi, Huang, Rui, Tang, Qinneng, Cong, Xiaonan, Wang, Zheng
Frontiers of earth science 2015 v.9 no.1 pp. 77-90
carbon dioxide, climate, greenhouse gas emissions, issues and policy, China
CO₂emissions embodied in trade have an important and far-reaching impact on CO₂emissions reduction obligations. Based on a multi-regional input-output analysis, this paper calculates China’s provincial CO₂emissions embodied in trade and analyzes CO₂emissions embodied in trade per unit of value of trade in 30 Chinese provinces. Several climate policy options that potentially reduce the impact of trade on individual provinces are discussed. One finding from this study is that provincial CO₂emissions embodied in trade accounted for approximately 60.02% of China’s CO₂emissions in 2007. The CO₂emissions embodied in imports and exports for 30 Chinese provinces differ widely, and remarkable differences in the CO₂emissions embodied in trade per unit of value of trade exist. Another important finding is that if provinces take binding commitments as a part of a coalition, instead of as individual provinces, then the impacts of trade can be reduced. Notably, however, the extent of reduction in a coalition varies in different provinces.