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A cost-effective straightforward protocol for shotgun Illumina libraries designed to assemble complete mitogenomes from non-model species

Tilak, Marie-Ka, Justy, Fabienne, Debiais-Thibaud, Mélanie, Botero-Castro, Fidel, Delsuc, Frédéric, Douzery, Emmanuel J. P.
Conservation genetics resources 2015 v.7 no.1 pp. 37-40
mitochondrial DNA, high-throughput nucleotide sequencing, genome, polymerase chain reaction, wildlife management, Urochordata, Chiroptera, cost effectiveness
The mitogenome is an inescapable tool in conservation biology studies. Yet, its routine sequencing may remain tricky despite next-generation sequencing technologies. An enrichment step is often necessary but not always straightforward depending on the initial DNA quality or quantity. Furthermore, the availability of close mitochondrial DNA reference sequences for non-model species limits the primer design for long-range PCR or bait synthesis. Here we propose an easy and cost-effective protocol without enrichment step for building and sequencing multiplexed Illumina libraries from small quantities of either high-quality or degraded genomic DNA. We validated the approach through the successful assembly of the complete mitogenome of 60 bats and 7 tunicates. Our protocol allows the sequencing and assembly of mitochondrial genomes from non-model species with sufficient coverage for applications in conservation genetics.