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Future agriculture with minimized phosphorus losses to waters: Research needs and direction

Sharpley, Andrew N., Bergström, Lars, Aronsson, Helena, Bechmann, Marianne, Bolster, Carl H., Börling, Katarina, Djodjic, Faruk, Jarvie, Helen P., Schoumans, Oscar F., Stamm, Christian, Tonderski, Karin S., Ulén, Barbro, Uusitalo, Risto, Withers, Paul J. A.
Ambio 2015 v.44 no.Supplement 2 pp. 163-179
models, monitoring, phosphorus, production technology, water quality, watershed management, Sweden
The series of papers in this issue of AMBIO represent technical presentations made at the 7th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW7), held in September, 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. At that meeting, the 150 delegates were involved in round table discussions on major, predetermined themes facing the management of agricultural phosphorus (P) for optimum production goals with minimal water quality impairment. The six themes were (1) P management in a changing world; (2) transport pathways of P from soil to water; (3) monitoring, modeling, and communication; (4) importance of manure and agricultural production systems for P management; (5) identification of appropriate mitigation measures for reduction of P loss; and (6) implementation of mitigation strategies to reduce P loss. This paper details the major challenges and research needs that were identified for each theme and identifies a future roadmap for catchment management that cost-effectively minimizes P loss from agricultural activities.