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Effect of dialysis on the proacrosin/acrosin system and motility of turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) spermatozoa during liquid storage

Słowińska, M., Dietrich, G.J., Liszewska, E., Kozłowski, K., Jankowski, J., Ciereszko, A.
British poultry science 2013 v.54 no.5 pp. 661-668
Meleagris gallopavo, acrosin, aerobic conditions, amidase, dialysis, seminal plasma, sperm motility, spermatozoa, turkeys
1. The effect of dialysis on the proacrosin/acrosin system and motility of turkey spermatozoa were examined after 24 and 48 h of liquid storage at 4°C. 2. Fifteen pools of semen diluted in extender were dialysed against Clemson Turkey Semen Diluent (dialysed semen) or stored in aerobic conditions (undialysed semen). Semen quality was assessed by measuring spermatozoa motility, amidase activity of spermatozoa suspension, spermatozoa extract and seminal plasma and anti-trypsin activity of seminal plasma. 3. Extracted amidase activity of dialysed semen was lower than undialysed by 28%. Higher values for speed parameters of spermatozoa were found in dialysed semen in comparison to undialysed, for example, 81.6 µm/s versus 75.0 µm/s for straight-line velocity (VSL), 114.7 µm/s versus 110.3 µm/s for curvilinear velocity (VCL) and 86.6 µm/s versus 79.8 µm/s for average path velocity (VAP). 4. It was concluded that dialysis caused lower amidase activity of spermatozoa and increased speed parameters of progressively motile turkey spermatozoa during storage. Lower extracted amidase activity of dialysed semen reflected better membrane integrity of dialysed semen and suggests that the proacrosin/acrosin system of dialysed spermatozoa is less susceptible to activation compared to undialysed semen.