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Antioxidant capacity, radical scavenger activity, lipid oxidation protection analysis and antimicrobial activity of red grape extracts from different varieties cultivated in Portugal

Correia, Ana C., Jordão, António M.
Natural product research 2015 v.29 no.5 pp. 438-440
anti-infective properties, antioxidant activity, butter, cultivars, gallic acid, grapes, hydroxyl radicals, iron, lipid peroxidation, peroxide value, superoxide anion, Portugal
The aim of this study was to investigate the antioxidant capacity, radical scavenger activity, lipid oxidation protection and antimicrobial activity of grape extracts from 12 different red grape varieties cultivated in Portugal. The mean values of total phenolic content quantified in grape extracts varied from 833.7 to 2005.6 mg/L gallic acid. Antioxidant capacity results showed different values for each grape variety ranging from 3.96 to 32.96 mm/L Fe(II). The scavenger activity values ranged from 15.99% to 54.82% for the superoxide radical and from 11.79% to 29.67% for the hydroxyl radical. The grape extracts with the highest antioxidant capacity had a positive effect on the lipid oxidation protection and induced low peroxide values in butter samples. Finally, concerning antimicrobial activity, grape extracts from Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz grape varieties had significant antimicrobial activity, especially notable for total mesophilic aerobics.