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Effects of Pre-Harvest Methyl Jasmonate Treatments on Bioactive Compounds and Peel Color Development of “Fuji” Apples

Ozturk, Burhan, Yıldız, Kenan, Ozkan, Yakup
International journal of food properties 2015 v.18 no.5 pp. 954-962
anthocyanins, ethylene, apples, fruits, total soluble solids, starch, methyl jasmonate, fruit quality, firmness, titratable acidity, color, antioxidant activity, phenolic compounds
The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of pre-harvest methyl jasmonate treatments on peel color formation, total anthocyanin, total phenolics, total antioxidant capacity, and other selected fruit quality parameters of “Fuji” apples. Results revealed significant decreases in color parameters (L* , chroma, and hue values) with methyl jasmonate treatments. Total anthocyanin, total phenolics, and total antioxidant capacity of methyl jasmonate-treated fruits were significantly higher than control fruits. Methyl jasmonate concentrations increase linearly with increase in total anthocyanin, total phenolics, and total antioxidant capacity with high correlations. Ethylene synthesis-promoting impact of methyl jasmonate increased with increasing implementation doses. Methyl jasmonate treatments also increased fruit flesh firmness. While 1120 and 2240 mg/L methyl jasmonate treatments did not cause any significant changes in the starch degradation, 4480 mg/L methyl jasmonate treatment delayed the starch degradation. All methyl jasmonate treatments did not cause any or much significant changes in fruit mass, geometric mean diameter and soluble solids content of the fruits but yielded significant increase in titratable acidity values.