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Specific Energy Consumption and Co2 Emission Reduction Analysis in a Textile Industry

Ganesan, P., Thirugnanasambandam, M., Rajakarunakaran, S., Devaraj, D.
International journal of green energy 2015 v.12 no.7 pp. 685-693
energy conservation, energy costs, energy efficiency, energy requirements, fabrics, specific energy, textile industry, India
In many of the Asian countries including India, textile industries are huge in numbers in which most of the energy requirements are met through electrical energy. The Indian energy crises, increase in energy cost, and product demand are the major factors, which make these textile sectors to move ahead toward the energy efficient technologies and to adopt the energy conservation techniques. In this view, a detailed energy performance study was conducted in one of the textile industries to identify the energy saving potential. This study contributes to the reduction of specific energy consumption from 3041.3 kWh/ton to 2867 kWh/ton of the product. Overall, about 1029 MWh energy consumption has been reduced which accounts 5.95% of the total energy consumed by the selected industry. The CO ₂ emission reduction is 833 tCO ₂/annum. The main aim of this study is not only to reduce the specific energy consumption but also to improve the energy performance of the equipments by adopting the various energy efficient technologies and energy conservation measures in order to control the Indian energy crises.