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Life cycle of Tydeus californicus (Acari: Tydeidae) on leaves of Inga marginata with and without pollen of Typha angustifolia under laboratory conditions

da Silva, Guilherme Liberato, da Cunha, Uemerson Silva, Ferla, Noeli Juarez
International journal of acarology 2014 v.40 no.7 pp. 509-512
Inga marginata, Tydeus, Typha angustifolia, acarology, adulthood, adults, immatures, larvae, leaves, life cycle (organisms), mites, photophase, pollen, relative humidity, thelytoky
Knowledge of the behaviour and feeding habits of tydeid mites is fragmentary. To address this lack of knowledge, the biology of Tydeus californicus (Banks) was studied on Inga marginata L. (Fabaceae) leaves with and without pollen of Typha angustifolia L. (Typhaceae) under laboratory conditions. The study started with 32 larvae isolated in experimental units, with 16 having access to pollen and 16 on I. marginata leaves without pollen. The experimental units were maintained at 25 ± 1ºC and 75 ± 5% relative humidity with a 12-h photophase. Immature stages were evaluated three times a day and the subsequent adult stage once a day. The data showed that when Tyd. californicus did not have access to pollen they did not reach adulthood. Additionally, we report thelytoky and larviparity in this mite.