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Diversity of bats of the Far North Region of Cameroon – with two first records for the country

Fils, Eric Moise Bakwo, Anong, Alima Gibering Bol A., Tsala, Donatien Badoana, Guieké, Bernard Bernard, Tsala, David Emery, Fotso, Appolin Kuate
Biodiversity 2014 v.15 no.1 pp. 16-22
Chiroptera, frugivores, insectivores, surveys, Cameroon
In order to provide basic data on bat species of the Far North Region of Cameroon – the northernmost constituent province of the Republic of Cameroon – a survey was carried out between the months of January and March 2011. Mist nets set at ground level were used over a 22-night period covering nine sites, from which a total of 413 individuals belonging to 18 species, nine genera and three families were captured. Insectivorous bats presented a wide specific diversity (15 species) and a wide relative abundance, while frugivorous bats were far less (three species). Scotophilus dinganii (n = 227) was the most commonly recorded species at the study site. The sample efficiency was estimated at 77.5% with a species accumulation curve not reaching an asymptote, suggesting that the survey did not record all species present. During this study, two species were recorded for the first time in Cameroon: Mops niveiventer and Chaerephon chapini .