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A revision of the Patagonian predaceous midges of the subgenus Acanthohelea of Stilobezzia excluding the S. (A.) edwardsi group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Cazorla, Carla G., Spinelli, Gustavo R.
Journal of natural history 2015 v.49 no.3-4 pp. 155-209
Ceratopogonidae, females, males, midges, new species, photographs
In this revision of the Patagonian predaceous midges of Stilobezzia (Acanthohelea) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), the seven previously known species, Stilobezzia bicinctipes Ingram and Macfie, S . hirsuta I. and M, S . ornaticrus I. and M, S . patagonica I. and M, S . rava I. and M, S . succinea I. and M. and S . varia I. and M. are redescribed, illustrated and their distributions are expanded. Diagnoses are provided for Stilobezzia curvistyla Cazorla and Spinelli, S . longisternalis Cazorla and Spinelli and S . nigerrima I. and M, and the male of S . bicinctipes and the female of S . ornaticrus are described for the first time. Seven new species are described with photographs: S . estepae , S . mapuche , S . megatheca , S . monomorphica , S . pabloi , S . spinosa and S . tridentis . The species are illustrated by photographs, and a key to males and females is provided as well as distributional maps for all species.