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Improved Doppler parameter estimation of squint SAR based on slope detection

Li, Wenchao, Yang, Jianyu, Huang, Yulin
International journal of remote sensing 2014 v.35 no.4 pp. 1417-1431
algorithms, radon, remote sensing, superoxide anion, synthetic aperture radar
For high-quality synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, Doppler parameter estimation is an essential procedure. In this article, first the relationship between slope and Doppler parameter of squint SAR is established, and then an improved slope-detection-based Doppler parameter estimation scheme is proposed. In the scheme, the intensity data are first converted into binary data by setting a threshold using the Ostu algorithm, and then a Radon transform is conducted on the binary data in two steps: the coarse and fine Radon transform. Using the proposed scheme, the binary data will have sparse features, and the number and interval of search for the Radon transform can be greatly reduced. Hence, the Doppler parameter can be estimated with more speed than conventional Radon-transform-based methods. Besides, Doppler centroid and Doppler rate can be estimated with the same scene. Simulations and experiments with real data validate the effectiveness of the scheme.