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Nonparametric Regression for Spherical Data

Di Marzio, Marco, Panzera, Agnese, Taylor, Charles C.
Journal of the American Statistical Association 2014 v.109 no.506 pp. 748-763
case studies, linear models, prediction, statistics
We develop nonparametric smoothing for regression when both the predictor and the response variables are defined on a sphere of whatever dimension. A local polynomial fitting approach is pursued, which retains all the advantages in terms of rate optimality, interpretability, and ease of implementation widely observed in the standard setting. Our estimates have a multi-output nature, meaning that each coordinate is separately estimated, within a scheme of a regression with a linear response. The main properties include linearity and rotational equivariance. This research has been motivated by the fact that very few models describe this kind of regression. Such current methods are surely not widely employable since they have a parametric nature, and also require the same dimensionality for prediction and response spaces, along with nonrandom design. Our approach does not suffer these limitations. Real-data case studies and simulation experiments are used to illustrate the effectiveness of the method.