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Response of Pistachio Trees to Alternate Bearing and Foliar Application of Zinc and Iron

Soliemanzadeh, Akbar, Mozafari, Vahid
International journal of fruit science 2014 v.14 no.2 pp. 174-187
alternate bearing, copper, foliar application, iron, leaves, manganese, pistachios, sodium, spraying, trees, vegetative growth, zinc, zinc sulfate, Iran
The effects of zinc sulfate (0, 1000, and 2000 mg L ⁻¹) and iron sulfate (0 and 300 mg L ⁻¹) on pistachio trees were studied in two consecutive seasons, 2010 (ON-year) and 2011 (OFF-year), in the Rafsanjan area of Iran. The results indicated that zinc and iron application affected the nut weight and splitting rate, but they did not affect the weight of cluster and blankness. The vegetative growth of OFF-year was higher than that of ON-year. Leaf P, Na, Cu, and Mn concentrations were higher in the ON-year, whereas leaf K, Zn, and Fe concentrations were higher in the OFF-year. It was concluded that alternate bearing and spraying of zinc and iron could have an important effect on the nutrient leaves concentration and vegetative growth of pistachio trees.