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The Mediterranean diet, a great diversity

Lahlou, N.
Phytothérapie 2015 v.13 no.2 pp. 71-75
Mediterranean diet, buttermilk, eating habits, fruits, grains, herbs, legumes, lifestyle, milk consumption, olive oil, people, red wines, spices, vegetable consumption
The Mediterranean diet is a term used to describe the traditional eating habits of people around the Mediterranean. This food diet includes a very large number of different cuisines from many countries and populations that don’t necessarily share the same lifestyles, cultures and religions. But these cuisines have certain common characteristics that bring them closer.For example, there is a high consumption of vegetables and various fruits, cereals, legumes, the use of olive oil as main source of fat, low consumption of milk and butter, moderate consumption of red wine with meals and use of herbs and spices. The others common points are such as the sight of sensory pleasures and the major role granted to meals and to immateriel values (sociability, sharing, hospitality, friendliness...). This article will discuss dietary diversity, history and evolution of the concept of food in the Mediterranean.