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Endoplasmic reticulum stress induced by oxidative stress in decidual cells: a possible mechanism of early pregnancy loss

Gao, Hui-Juan, Zhu, Yi-Min, He, Wei-Hua, Liu, Ai-Xia, Dong, Min-Yue, Jin, Min, Sheng, Jian-Zhong, Huang, He-Feng
Molecular biology reports 2012 v.39 no.9 pp. 9179-9186
apoptosis, cell growth, cell viability, dose response, endoplasmic reticulum, glucose, human reproduction, hydrogen peroxide, models, oxidative stress, pregnancy, prognosis, proteasome endopeptidase complex, protein folding, proteins, proteolysis, proteomics, unfolded protein response
Early pregnancy loss (EPL) is one of the most common complications of human reproduction. Combined with our previous proteomic studies on villous and decidual tissues of EPL, we found that alterations of the proteins involved in oxidative stress (OS), unfolded protein response (UPR) and proteolysis presented a complex and dynamic interaction at the maternal-fetal interface. In the present study, we developed a cell model of OS using normal decidual cells to examine cell viability and expression levels of proteins related to endoplasmic reticulum stress (ER stress) and UPR. We found that glucose regulated protein 78 (GRP 78) and ubiquitinated proteins were significantly up-regulated in hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) treated decidual cells in a dose-dependent manner. Excessive OS could influence proper function of UPR by decreasing VCP in decidual cells, thereby leading to cell damage as well as inhibition of cell growth and activation of apoptosis. Furthermore, when pretreated with MG 132, a pharmacological inhibition of the proteasome, the H₂O₂ treated decidual cells became less viable and could not up-regulate the expression level of GRP 78 to resolve the protein-folding defects, which indicating that malfunction of UPR in decidual cells might aggravate the inhibitory effect of OS in decidual cells. The present results reveal that abnormal protein profiles associated with OS induced ER stress and malfunction of UPR might be involved in the development of EPL, and OS and ER stress are potential targets for pregnant care and prognosis in normal pregnancy and its disorders.