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Interaction of cytochrome c with tRNA and other polynucleotides

Suryanarayana, Tangirala, Uppala, Jagadeesh Kumar, Garapati, Usha Kumari
Molecular biology reports 2012 v.39 no.9 pp. 9187-9191
DNA, apoptosis, cytochrome c, fluorescence, fluorescence emission spectroscopy, gels, heme, polynucleotides, thermodynamics, transfer RNA, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy
Interaction between tRNA and other polynucleotides with cytochrome c was studied by visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and gel mobility shift assay in view of the recently reported important regulatory role of tRNA in cytochrome c mediated apoptotic pathway. Visible spectroscopy showed perturbation in the heme binding environment in cytochrome c with tRNA binding. Fluorescence titrations indicated that cytochrome c binds to different polynucleotides with differing affinities. A weak binding was observed with single stranded polyribonucleotides and polydeoxyribonuleotides and strong binding with tRNA and double stranded DNA as indicated by extent of fluorescence quenching and binding constants. Calculation of thermodynamic binding parameters from fluorescence titrations indicated that three molecules of cytochrome c bound with one tRNA molecule with binding constant of 1.9 × 10⁶ M⁻¹. The perturbation of cytochrome c structure caused by the binding of tRNA could be affecting its role in mediating apoptosis.