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Engineered single-chain variable fragment antibody for immunodiagnosis of groundnut bud necrosis virus infection

Maheshwari, Yogita, Vijayanandraj, S., Jain, R. K., Mandal, Bikash
Archives of virology 2015 v.160 no.5 pp. 1297-1301
tomatoes, hybridomas, peanuts, Escherichia coli, cowpeas, serodiagnosis, Watermelon bud necrosis tospovirus, antibodies, serotypes, Groundnut bud necrosis tospovirus, clones, mung beans, Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum, India
Few studies have been done on engineered antibodies for diagnosis of tospovirus infections. The present study was undertaken to develop a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) for specific diagnosis of infection by groundnut bud necrosis virus (GBNV), the most prevalent serogroup IV tospovirus in India. Heavy chain (372 nucleotide [nt]) and light chain (363 nt) variable region clones obtained from a hybridoma were used to make an scFv construct that expressed a ~29-kDa protein in E. coli. The scFv specifically detected GBNV in field samples of cowpea, groundnut, mung bean, and tomato, and it did not recognize watermelon bud necrosis virus, a close relative of GBNV belonging to tospovirus serogroup IV. This study for the first time demonstrated the application of a functional scFv against a serogroup-IV tospovirus.