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Fast registration of multisource three-dimensional city models in GeoGlobe

Chen, Jing, Zhang, Tong, Dong, Shutao, Xie, Bingxiong
International journal of digital earth 2015 v.8 no.4 pp. 293-311
buildings, models, remote sensing, spatial data
We address the registration problem of multisource three-dimensional (3D) human-made buildings with remote sensing images and the earth's surface in the context of virtual globes. Challenges include fast transformation of 3D coordinates with different reference systems as well as the efficient use of original model information for rigorous and accurate model registration. This paper introduces a novel fast and scalable registration approach that can establish correspondences between heterogeneous external 3D city models and images/terrain surfaces of virtual globes in an efficient and accurate manner. The approach utilizes the projected 3D feature information of 3D city models to develop robust coordinate transformation and reliable model registration methods. The proposed approach builds a solid foundation for the fusion of multisource geospatial data in a united virtual globe reference framework. We report experimental results of online registration tasks for up to over 13K buildings in an integrated 3D virtual globe platform, namely, GeoGlobe.