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Property owner beliefs and goals related to shoreline maintenance behaviors

Amato, Michael S., Shaw, Bret R., Haack, John, Moore, Colleen F.
Lake and reservoir management 2015 v.31 no.1 pp. 44-49
biosphere, coasts, humans, lakes, lawns and turf, managers, surveys, teachers, Wisconsin
Amato MS, Shaw BR, Haack J, Moore CF. 2015. Property owner beliefs and goals related to shoreline maintenance behaviors. Lake Reserv Manage. 31:44–49. Individual differences in shoreline maintenance behaviors are likely partially attributable to individual differences in relevant beliefs and goals. Lake property owners can help reduce the impact of development by maintaining a vegetated buffer on their shoreline, as opposed to grooming an expansive manicured lawn. A survey mailed to residential lake property owners in Wisconsin (n returned = 155, response rate = 64%) measured lake-specific beliefs and goals and self-reported frequency of engaging in 4 behaviors counterproductive to shoreline health. Analysis revealed those counterproductive behaviors were negatively associated with endorsement of biospheric beliefs and positively associated with stated relevance of human usage goals (p < 0.01 for all). Recommendations for lake managers and environmental educators, particularly the importance of aesthetic preferences, are discussed.