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Aethalion reticulatum (Hemiptera: Aethalionidae) Feeding on Erythrina speciosa (Fabales: Fabaceae): First Record of Its Host Plant and Damage Characteristics

Zanuncio, Antonio José Vinha, Serrão, José Eduardo, Pereira, Alexandre Igor Azevedo, Soares, Marcus Alvarenga, Wilcken, Carlos Frederico, Leite, Germano Leão Demolin, Zanuncio, José Cola
The Florida entomologist 2015 v.98 no.1 pp. 175-177
Erythrina speciosa, Hemiptera, color, control methods, egg masses, host plants, hypertrophy, insects, landscapes, medicinal properties, plant damage, seedlings, Brazil
Erythrina speciosa Andrews (Fabales: Fabaceae) has multiple uses due to its medicinal properties, potential for recovering degraded areas, and excellent landscape effect, but insects that use this plant are poorly known. This paper reports, for the first time, the occurrence of Aethalion reticulatum (L., 1758) (Hemiptera: Aethalionidae) on E. speciosa seedlings in nurseries at Sacra Família do Tinguá, Municipality of Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Egg clutches of A. reticulatum were observed at the apex and on the median region of these seedlings, covered by a grayish brown substance, visually distinguished from the greenish color of the E. speciosa stem. Damage to this plant was characterized by hypertrophy and cracks at the apex of E. speciosa seedlings. Control measures for A. reticulatum, based on studies on other hosts, are presented.