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Identification of quantitative trait loci affecting birth characters and accumulation of backfat and weight in a Meishan-White Composite resource population

Rohrer, G.A.
Journal of animal science 2000 v.78 no.10 pp. 2547
swine, swine breeds, breed differences, quantitative traits, loci, piglets, birth weight, vigor, body weight, liveweight gain, backfat, feed intake, feed conversion, genomics, fat thickness
A search for genomic regions affecting birth characters and accretion of weight and backfat was conducted in a Meishan-White Composite reciprocal backcross resource population. Birth traits analyzed (n = 750) were vigor score, number of nipples, and birth weight. Subsequent measures on gilts and barrows (n = 706) analyzed were weaning weight, 8-wk weight, ADG from 8 to 18 wk of age, ADG from 18 to 26 wk of age, 26-wk weight, and backfat over the first rib, last rib, and last lumbar vertebrae at 14 and 26 (n = 599) wk of age. Feed intake and growth of 92 individually penned barrows were also analyzed. A genomic scan was conducted with microsatellite markers spaced at approximately 20-cM intervals, a least squares regression interval analysis was implemented, and significance values were converted to genomewide levels. No associations were detected for traits measured at birth except for number of nipples, where one significant and two suggestive regions were identified on chromosomes (SSC) 10, 1, and 3, respectively. Early growth was affected by a region on SSC 1 as evidenced by associations with weights collected at weaning and 8 wk of age and ADG from 8 to 18 wk of age. Other regions detected for early growth rate were on SSC 2, 12, and X. Chromosomal regions on SSC 6 and 7 affected ADG from 18 to 26 wk of age. All measures of backfat were affected by regions on SSC 1 and X, whereas SSC 7 consistently affected backfat measures recorded at 26 wk of age. Suggestive evidence for QTL affecting backfat at 14 wk of age was also detected on SSC 2, 6, 8, and 9. These results have improved our knowledge about the genetics of growth rate and fat accretion at the molecular level in swine.