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New and noteworthy species of boechera (brassicaceae) iii: additional sexual diploids and apomictic hybrids

Windham, Michael D., Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.
Harvard papers in botany 2007 v.12 no.1 pp. 235-257
Arabis, Boechera, diploidy, flora, hybrids, new combination, new species, nomen novum, plant taxonomy, North America
The following nomenclatural adjustments are proposed for Boechera to make the names available for the forthcoming account of the Brassicaceae in the Flora of North America. Two new species of Boechera (B. quebecensis and B. tularensis) are described, and a new name (B. xylopoda) is proposed for the taxon currently known as Boechera pulchra var. gracilis. In addition, 10 new combinations (B. acutina, B. burkii, B. covillei, B. duchesnensis, B. gracilenta, B. grahamii, B. languida, B. pratincola, B. saximontana, and B. serotina) are validated. Notes on the delimitation, distribution, and/or typification of Arabis confinis, B. brachycarpa, B. divaricarpa, and B. inyoensis are presented, and A. codyi and A. holboellii var. derensis are reduced to synonymy under B. lemmonii and B. inyoensis, respectively. Two summary tables comparing our taxonomic treatment of Boechera with those of other recent authors are provided.