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Current Status, Challenges and Policy Recommendations Regarding the Sustainable Development of Mining Areas in China

Qian, Li, Wenzhong, Zhang, Dai, Wang
Journal of resources and ecology 2014 v.5 no.1 pp. 42-52
energy, energy resources, issues and policy, livelihood, mining, people, socioeconomic development, surveys, sustainable development, China
As important suppliers of energy resources, mining areas have made huge contributions to China's socio-economic development. However, some factors are inhibiting the further development of mining areas and, thereby pose a threat to social stability, as well as resource and energy security in the country. In 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission formulated a project aiming to support the sustainable development of mining areas. This study collected and compiled the project's first-hand survey data from 128 mining areas across China and comprehensively investigated the current development status of the country's mining areas. The problems facing the development of China's mining areas are analyzed, and four specific suggestions are provided, namely: promote industry transformation, remove institutional constraints, improve people's livelihoods to maintain the stability of mining areas, and protect the environment to provide a clean, healthy living environment for mining area residents. This paper provides the first comprehensive and systematic picture of China's mining areas and highlights the importance of mining areas for the country's economic and social development.